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Sterling Silver Earrings are highly preffered by woman since they are best mix of affordability and quality. Women's Sterling Silver earrings are available in great vareity both in terms of the finishes and in terms of earring types. Most prefered Sterling Silver Earrings are Silver Drop Earrings and Silver Jhumkis, as these go best with the Indian wear, indo western wear and the festive wear. Silver Jhumkis and Sterling Silver Drop earrings could be either a rustic oxidized finish, a classic silver finish or gold finish or dual tone.

Sterling silver earrings have the power to create magic with your attire. If you want to follow the color code you could choose from either enamelled sterling silver earrings or gemstone sterling silver earrings. Gold plated sterling silver earrings go well with the festive look or for parties. And the oxidized sterling silver earrings go perfect as a jhumki or a drop earring and could match any attire and make you simple stand out from the crowd!